Karaoke Player

VanBasco’s Karaoke Player

VanBasco’s Karaoke Player 2.53 is a MIDI Karaoke Player
for Windows 95/98 / ME / NT 4/2000 / XP / Vista / W7,
including vision letters in full screen.
It supports skins, editing and retrieval tempo, volume, tone control,
mute / solo instruments and so much more.


Tutorial on vanBasco Karaoke Player

The player karaoke VanBasco, is software that has become one of the world standards,
this is due to several reasons, well justified: It’s freeware, and it does not require
payment or places limitations of any kind to use all its features. 2. is a powerful player KAR
(karaoke files most abundant) files allowing you to control the key (pitch) playback speed, volume,
presents list of pre programmable play, etc. etc. Its use is very simple, but worth reading this little
tutorial to make the most of their power.

The program can be downloaded in its latest version of: Free Download from here!

After giving click the setup karaokegratis0The first is to choose the language of installation allowing us to select the language:


Follow the instructions on the screen, one of them ask us if the software will be the default player MIDI and KAR files, I recommend leaving all linked, less Autoplay of midi files in Internet Explorer,
because problems can occur when run websites with integrated midis.


When you finish the installation, the program windows open


Using the program


Double-clicking on any file KAR VanBasco program opens the windows and the
main one is the window where you see the lyrics of the song, double click on it if it is done, we will have full screen. if we use the right button on it, we will have several options to customize the appearance, font, colors, number of lines, etc..


We can also start a song after creating a playlist, in the window of the same name,
where “add” songs with the Add button from the browser window to the right


In the playlist, double-click on a song to start playing. Now we can control playback from the
window as a typical player, pausing, jumping, back, etc..


The buttons at the bottom of the control allows us to open or close windows program, according to the need. Such as the piano, not very useful in this case.


The control window allows us to modify the playing time (faster or slower) the key tool
extremely useful that allows us to modulate the song in our own tone moving it up or down, which is one of the main advantages of the systems by PC. It also allows us copntrolar volume,
which by default is at the top.

The program can be downloaded in its latest version of: Free Download from here!

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